16 April 2009

Tea Party Reflections

At least 2,000. Probably even more. 

I don't think there was an open parking spot in all of downtown Omaha. This was easily one of the most awesome things I've ever taken part in and it was overwhelming to see so many Nebraskans energized, motivated and unified behind a common cause. 

I hope to have some photos posted shortly, but in the mean time here is a collection of stories about yesterday's movement. 

The Omaha World Herald did a nice job with their summary, but with all due respect to Don Walton and Lincoln Journal Star, I think their estimate of 600 people is off by about 500. I talked to numerous people who attended the Lincoln rally and they all thought it was closer to 1,000 participants.

As always, Michelle Malkin provides some great coverage as well as spot-on conservative commentary.

CNN was pitiful, condescending, and outright arrogant in their coverage:

And, as usual, FoxNews was there to respond as only they can. Here's Shepherd Smith with the quote of the year: "Don't get your hate on, Susan."